So why gelato and not ice cream?
We are so lucky to milk our herd of the beautiful red and white Ayrshire cows. The milk they produce is naturally very creamy and unique in flavour without being too heavy on the fat (our cows produce milk with approximately 4% fat). To make the very best of this delicious milk and so that you can also experience it we wanted to make gelato rather than the more traditional ice cream. Why?
Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream but there are several important differences between the two:

The base mix that the gelato is made from contains a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream. We also do not use any eggs in our mix.
Therefore gelato has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream (7-9% compared to ice cream which usually has a fat content of 10-25%). So you can have more gelato – enough said!!
The fat in ice cream coats your mouth which gets in the way of you tasting the flavour in the ice cream. With a lower fat content, the flavours come through directly, quickly and intensely then melt away leaving you with a clean mouth. With less fat, you can churn slower, so the gelato is smoother and denser than ice cream.
As it is churned at a much slower rate this prevents crunchy large ice crystals from forming and incorporates much less air than ice cream so making the gelato denser, richer and creamier in flavour than ice cream.
As gelato is denser than ice cream it should be served at a slightly warmer temperature keeping its texture silky, smooth and more velvety than ice cream. Really cold gelato freezes very hard, but when it is ‘warmer’ it has a perfect soft consistency. If you served ice cream at the same warmer temperature, it would melt and become watery as the high fat in water emulsion would melt too fast.

In addition we are using a ‘clean label’ stabiliser so that you and your children are only eating good stuff with our gelato!

So, there you have it. The difference between gelato and ice cream is not just semantics, it is all down to our milk vs cream, air, temperature and of course our amazing expertise!!!